SANTULLANO ® has come into existence with the purpose of offering a different product, unique specimens conceived for people who appreciate the intrinsic beauty of objects. A return to the natural, authentic, careful and thoughtful work, as opposed to the current mass production systems added to the small details and the dedication of the artisan handcrafted work, results in exclusive objects of great quality and beauty.

We try to stay away from fads and trends because we understand that good design is timeless. Attention to the proportions, the balance between volumes, the use of pure and clean lines and the selection of the best materials, create designs of great beauty and personality. In our pieces there is only room for the essential, taking away the superfluous to achieve functional articles, with a timeless personality.


Our frames are made from 100% natural wood, there is no element that is not made from this material. The superpositioning of several layers of selected woods, gives them extraordinary stability and great resistance, which allows us, unlike those made with solid wood, to achieve very small sections and consequently great lightness. Between 9 and 15 grams.

This laminate also provides great elasticity, which is accentuated at the temple tips of the frames, where we reduce the cross section so that they adapt perfectly to the morphology of each person.

What´s more, handcrafting allows special finishes in the parts that are of interest. For example, smoothing the areas of most contact with the skin such as the bridge and temples for less friction and in short, greater comfort.


The artisan and short series production method allows a careful elaboration in which the smallest details are taken into account and in which each element is worked individually, which turns each piece into a unique object. No two frames are the same. For this reason, once they are finished, they are marked with a code that identifies and differentiates them, to be cataloged later with all their characteristics.


Although my training and professional experience have been associated with the world of image and graphic communication, the development of small objects, furniture or wooden tools has been present in my life since I was a child. The smell of the wood, as well as its touch, warmth and organic nature, have always fascinated me and the workshop has always been the place where effort, expertise and ideas combine in the creative process in which the objects generated end up being simple byproducts of satisfaction.